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If Your Diaper Isnt Cloth Flexfit Pocket - Leading Edge - Ready to Ship

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If Your Diaper Isn’t Cloth, It’s Trash Flexfit Pocket Cloth Diaper Ready to Ship


If Your Diaper Isn't Cloth It’s Trash Outer PUL

  • PUL is a breathable, waterproof material. It’s used to provide wetness protection.

Inner Layer of Hot Pink AWJ

  • Athletic wicking jersey is designed to wick moisture away from the skin. It has a variety of other special features as well including stain resistance, breathability, quick dry time, and anti-pilling. It’s also easy to care for as it doesn’t hold onto stink. 

Leading Edge Pocket Opening

  • Pocket opening is along the top back of the diaper. 2 individual elastic pieces allow for an easy open, but snug close to keep your insert inside. 

Soaker is made up of heavy organic bamboo fleece and topped with organic bamboo velour. 

Booster is made up of bamboo hemp fleece. 

**Flexfit fits approx 9-45+lbs**

CPSC Compliant