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Custom Listing for Emily

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Custom Listing for Emily 

1 - multicolor pastel glitter (#1) w/ pastel rainbow snaps (if possible) Flawless Cover 

1 - red glitter (#9) w/ matching red snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - light pink glitter (#14) w/ matching pink snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - dark purple glitter (#12) w/ matching purple snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - sketch baby Y w/ snaps as pictured on the website Flawless Cover 

1 - floral panda print w/ dark blue glitter (#11) front panel w/ pink and/or navy snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - honey bees print w/ black glitter front panel w/ the yellow and black snaps as pictured on the site (and a centered, upright bee on the bum if possible) Flawless Cover 

1 - gold glitter (#18) w/ matching snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - solid black w/ black snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - solid grey w/ grey snaps Flawless Cover 

1 - black glitter w/ black snaps Flawless Cover 

Soaker is made up of heavy organic bamboo fleece and topped with organic bamboo velour. An added bamboo/hemp booster is included. 

 Turn around time will be 4-5 weeks